Electric Capital Investment Plan


This article is one of a series on the major components of our upstate NY rate case


National Grid’s new upstate New York rate plan includes nearly $2.5 billion in capital investments over the next three years, continuing a decades-long trend of significant investment in the company’s electricity and natural gas networks.

Specifically, the electric strategy includes a capital investment commitment of more than $1.9 billion to reinforce and continue to modernize transmission and distribution systems delivering customer and community priorities, enhancing reliability and storm resiliency, and replacing aging equipment.

The plan also encourages the company to seek out non-wires alternatives to traditional infrastructure investments, when such solutions are supported by a benefit-cost analysis and are capable of providing safe and reliable service.  Additionally, the plan furthers the company’s effort to modernize the grid by supporting ongoing analysis, planning, and measured investment in new technologies and automated systems aimed at giving customers more options and control over energy use.

Key elements of the electric capital investment program include:

Reinforcing and Modernizing Transmission and Distribution Systems

  • Significant transmission investment to address aging infrastructure and maintain reliability
  • Increased investments in a modernized grid to improve system efficiency, and provide more energy-usage information
  • Responding to customer needs where pockets of growth are spurred by state and regional economic development investment
  • Preparing for the future by upgrading transmission stations and continuing the separation of National Grid equipment from aging generation facilities

Improving Reliability/Storm Resiliency

  • A proactive vegetation management plan, including an Emerald Ash Borer mitigation program, to address dangerous tree conditions, and ensure continued reliable service and customer safety

Inspection & Maintenance Programs

  • Asset inspections every five years to proactively identify and mitigate potential safety and reliability impacts

Grid Modernization and Non-Wires Alternatives

  • Accelerated investments in the company’s networks and control systems to provide greater transparency of system needs and capabilities, and enhance system monitoring through increased substation and distribution sensors



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Electric Capital Investment Plan

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