Working with EDF to map methane gas in Syracuse

Syracuse mapThe Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and National Grid have identified more than 200 locations throughout the city of Syracuse where methane is escaping from the local gas system (see maps here). These types of leaks rarely pose an immediate safety threat, but unburned natural gas (principally methane) does have an effect on the climate, carrying approximately 80 times the warming power of C02 over 20 years. Aging pipelines are a growing challenge for utilities in many parts of the country, as both utilities and regulators seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We continue to take a leadership role on a national level and support initiatives underway to reduce methane emissions. The significant investment that comes with these improvements can have an impact on our customers. We’re committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by working with our regulators and elected officials to develop appropriate funding mechanisms and policies to achieve these goals,” said Sue Fleck, our vice president, Pipeline Safety.

Earlier in 2014, the EDF performed a similar study in our service areas of Boston and Staten Island. See here for more background.

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