Drive it like you own it!

By Samantha Murray

National-Grid-Company-Vehicle-Pride-1Reducing Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) continues to be a major focus at National Grid. Recently, a NE Electric Union & management Creative Problem Solving team, working with Safety and Communications, created a safe-driving campaign “Drive it like you own it”. The campaign kicks off today and will continue through March 2017.

The campaign aims to encourage positive attitudes and behaviors around operating company vehicles, in the same way employees care for and drive their own personal vehicles. The campaign targets specific areas of motor vehicle safety to:

  • Increase awareness
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce the number of RTCs

You will soon see banners and other materials related to this campaign. Each month, the campaign will focus on a different topic highlighted in weekly Safety Briefs. The first month’s topic is Cleanliness of Vehicles.  Although the campaign is geared toward employees who drive company vehicles, everyone can benefit from the information contained in the briefs. You can find them in Friday’s SHE Weekly Wrap Up sent from SHE Communications.

Pride-in-your-rideA clean vehicle is also a safer vehicle, here’s why …

Sometimes we are required to make a hard stop to avoid an incident. This type of stop has the potential for any loose object to be propelled within the vehicle and can be the cause of an accident or serious injury by:

  • Getting in your way
  • Limiting your views
  • Causing a distraction

So, take the time this month to clean your vehicle and make sure you’re not sitting next to tools, empty water bottles, a tissue box or even your cell phone in the nearest cup holder!

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