Double-take at Disney Store?

By Kathy Hill

Disney1What makes the Disney Store in Syracuse unlike any other? Next time you visit the city’s Destiny USA shopping mall, stop in at Disney – and look up. Among a handful of murals depicting local sites – added during the store’s most recent renovation – you’ll find an image of National Grid’s iconic Niagara Mohawk building, mere minutes from the real thing.

A Disney Store employee pointed out the image to upstate New York Community & Customer Relations manager Chris Gorman and his family last weekend. “I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty cool,” said Chris, who provided this photograph as proof.
(And while we’re not up on our superheroes – see mural’s lower left – to us locals it looks like Iron Mike has “left the building” and is headed across the street for some Café Kubal!)

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