Does a cyber-attack sound worse than its byte?

Cyber Security Awareness monthWhat is a cyber-attack and does it sound worse that its ‘byte’?

Wikipedia defines a cyber-attack as ‘any type of offensive move by a company, government, group or individual that targets an IT system, infrastructure, network, and/or personal computer device’ – or basically anything online.

Our assets are certainly no exception, and the nature of our business makes us a very ‘attractive’ target for hackers and saboteurs. A cyber-attack can affect not only National Grid but also have a personal impact on any of us. Here are some of the worst case outcomes:

  • Our regulatory reporting is impacted, resulting in fines and reputational damage to the company.
  • Access to your information results in a negative credit rating – access to credit denied.
  • Irretrievable loss of personally precious or commercially sensitive information.
  • Sensitive negotiations compromised and loss of commercial deals.
  • Impact to transmission system through access to critical information, resulting in regional power loss.

Our challenge is to keep ahead of the ever escalating risks and future threats, which are getting increasingly complex every day.

Why will being Cyber Security aware benefit me?

Much like being aware of your own physical security – such as awareness of people looking over your shoulder at cash machines – being aware of cyber-security benefits you by establishing good practice and safe computer skills when managing email and browsing the Internet.

These practices quickly become second nature and will help keep your personal life as secure as your ‘work life’.

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