Delivering a Critical Need at a Critical Time

By Domenick Graziani

When the call came to Customer & Community Management’s Mike Presti on the morning of March 31, he sprang right into action. On the phone was the contractor for the Army Corps of Engineers, whose charge was to build a temporary 1,000 bed hospital on the campus of SUNY Old Westbury on Long Island.

Mike quickly pulled together a call with a team from many organizations, including Customer Meter Services, Gas Field Operations, the Welding Shop, Customer Connections, Meter and Test, Engineering and Damage Prevention. The goal was to increase the load and upgrade the meter for additional gas service necessary to heat and ventilate the Clark Athletic Center, targeted to house 102 beds for patients and hospital workers. And it all had to be done within 10 days.

“From start to finish, we had 10 days to get it done and we did it in less than seven,” said Mike. “The quick turnaround and quality workmanship our employees exhibited show what we can accomplish when we all work together. All of us had a real sense of pride in supporting this vital project for the people of Long Island.”

The temporary hospital, comprised of 23 pop-up tents and the athletic center, will primarily be used to accommodate the projected overflow of non-COVID-19 patients from regular hospitals.





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What a great story about how behind the scenes NationalGrid is making a big contribution to Community need at a critical time!

Kathy Wisnewski

Awesome Job Mike. Amazing to see this come together. Great job everyone!

Jukka Kouletsis

Awesome work! I have family on Long Island and it’s great to hear about the National Grid people helping other people there.


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