Cyber Security – not my problem … or is it?

There have been a large number of cyber attacks reported recently that highlight how important it is for a company to be cyber safe and secure.

To have a strong defence against a cyber attack on our company, we all need to be personally responsible for the part we play.

If you are alert and careful in the way you manage your devices, you are doing your bit to help minimize the impact from a cyber attack. Get to know what you need to look out for and report any suspicious cyber activity. Those who carry out these attacks look for the weakest link, and criminals may target just one person when making a cyber attack on a company.

Attacks can happen in different ways; they can involve stealing information from a target, or altering or destroying a system that is unsecure by hacking in to it. These attacks are known as cyber campaigns, cyber warfare or cyber terrorism, and this can range from installing spyware on a PC to an attempt to destroy the infrastructure of a country.

Each cyber attack is different in its complexity, impact and severity. There is no blueprint for a standard cyber attack. Motives can vary greatly, from ‘just for fun’, activism and criminal intent for financial gain or revenge, to terrorism or state warfare.

For help and guidance on playing your part in cyber security, please visit the Security Knowledge Zone on our Infonet.

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