Customer response comes alive

By Tim Rondeau

On Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18, we officially opened our Customer Response Center (CRC) Live Monitoring Portal centers in our Res Woods and Northborough offices.  After official remarks by Alyssa Keller, Customer Engagement Director and Terry Sobolewski, Chief Customer Officer, as well as by David Smith, Customer Care Vice President, in the Northborough location, employees were invited to visit the new CRC spaces, ask questions and provide suggestions for improvement to CRC team members.

The CRC Live Monitoring Portal centers provide timely data about our customers in order to better address their needs.  The portals achieve this by showing us real-time customer data such as outages and call center volume, social media feeds that display what customers are currently saying, and trending ‘Voice of the Customer’ information, which measures customer sentiment over time.  This information helps us to respond to our customers sooner; in hours and days rather than weeks and months.

“Collectively, the elements of the Live Monitoring Portal are designed to help us identify our customers’ needs sooner, and therefore communicate appropriately with them with greater velocity,” said Alyssa Keller, Director, Customer Engagement, and one of the CRC project leads.

Overall, the CRC is made up of three interconnected components that will allow us to better anticipate and respond to our customers.

  • A Response & Triage process that allows us to quickly align internally and respond to urgent customer needs
  • A cross-functional Strategy Meeting that serves as an opportunity to be more pro-active
  • Listening & Analytics offering a wealth of data through our Live Monitoring Portal application

Three additional Live Monitoring Portal centers will be housed in Syracuse, the Long Island Contact Center, and the Metro New York Contact Center.

“This portal is part of an all-encompassing process that has already created greater internal alignment for us as employees, and also more efficient, timely and accurate responses for our customers,” said Terry Sobolewski. “We need to come together and use this information in a way that changes outcomes.”

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