Customer Meter Services mandated work project is underway

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer safety, it’s vital that we perform safety checks on natural gas meters and associated piping. It’s also required by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and referred to as mandated work.

The challenge that we’re facing is many of the meters are located indoors and customers are not always available to give us access to perform the work. As part of the Results Accelerator program, Customer Meter Services (CMS) has identified a combined total of 5,000 customers who need this work done in our Albany, Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) and Patchogue (Long Island) service areas. The program is to educate customers on mandated work as well as have it become a customer driven program for New York State.

To reach those customers, a marketing campaign was developed to educate and prompt them to make appointments to schedule this work. The campaign began in December with a postcard mailing. The next phase of the campaign will continue in late January with CMS field supervisors sending out certified letters to those same customers requesting them to make their appointment. The letter states that a $100 fine will be imposed if the customer does not comply with the request for an inspection.

The work is at no charge to customers and should take 45 minutes. When the work is complete, our technicians will check and relight gas appliances to ensure safety.

The target of this pilot is 90% of customer-driven appointments by February 13, 2019.

DNY postcard mailing

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