Conversions to natural gas taking hold in Stony Brook, NY

By Karen Polise

Last year we published an article about the largest gas expansion project in East Hills, NY for downstate New York and this year, work began on the second largest natural gas expansion project in Stony Brook, NY. It’s all part of the Neighborhood Expansion Program (NEP) program which offers residents in dense neighborhoods the opportunity to convert to natural gas without making a payment to offset National Grid’s construction costs. This is a result of our rate case agreement.

Valarie Hunter, Non Standard Connections, Long Island

“The program enables us to bring gas to underserved communities with fewer upfront customer commitments if an area meets certain density requirements”, says Valarie Hunter, Non Standard Connections team, Long Island. “The project came about through a collaborative effort with the local civic association. We held a number of joint community meetings, marketed the project using direct mail, door hangers and lawn signs and leveraged the civic association’s social media capabilities and newsletter. As a result, now every homeowner in the neighborhood will have access to clean, efficient natural gas”. 

“The crews did an amazing job under some very challenging weather conditions to meet the targeted completion date of March 31.  All 33,000 feet of gas main is installed and natural gas services have been turned on for the 100 customers in April”, says Scott Pietrowski, Field Operations Supervisor. “In addition to the 100 customers that have signed up, this project allows for up to 600 customers to convert to natural gas.”

(l-r) Field Supervisor Scott Pietrowski with Chris Stelling, Vittorio Morrone and Donald Mohn

The project done mostly by directional drilling with some trenching work where necessary, kept the impact to the community at a minimum. Approximately 20 employees and contractors worked on this project. 

View this short video on some of the work performed.

 “This neighborhood is a great location for natural gas work because there is only a water main in the street”, says Jim Madsen, Manager of Non Standard Connections in Suffolk County. “The neighborhood has backyard electric service with poles and wires in the rear yard and street lights are behind the curb. Residents are very receptive and excited about having natural gas service for the first time. Projects likes these are the way of the future with sales efforts underway in Jericho, Sayville and other Long Island communities.”

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