Congratulations, Tatiana Roc!

By Ellen Cooke

 National Grid friends and coworkers, and hundreds of others across various industries, joined a grand celebration March 22 at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, where Tatiana Roc was named one of 2019’s 25 Influential Black Women in Business by The Network Journal.

TNJ is an award-winning business magazine for African-American professionals, corporate executives and business owners that’s been recognizing outstanding women in business, like Tatiana, for the past two decades. Tatiana is Vice President, Supervisor Enablement and our Alliance of Black Professionals (ABP) employee resource group Executive Sponsor.

“As we celebrate Women’s History Month, this is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of these women in business, health, entertainment and non-profit sectors,” said TNJ Publisher and CEO Aziz Gueye Adetimirin at the 21st annual awards ceremony. “We are honored to once again highlight the careers of 25 women who are corporate and community leaders. Their passion for their work and love for community are models for all women in the United States and abroad.”

Tatiana was among the honorees profiled, and featured on the cover of, the Spring 2019 issue of the TNJ magazine. Senior leaders John Bruckner, Peggy Smyth, Rudy Wynter and Jeannette Mills were among many National Grid employees at the event honoring Tatiana. ABP Chair Abeni Kendrick said the ceremony was “truly electrifying, with inspiring stories about powerful women in business, and the positive, undeniable and extremely motivating impact they’ve had on their organizations and communities.”

Here’s what Abeni has to say about Tatiana:

“Tatiana had really made her mark in a historically male-dominated field. She’s also mentored, developed and encouraged countless National Grid employees to help them on their journey to reach their full potential. She constantly gives back to the community and encourages local youth to pursue careers in STEM-related fields. We can’t wait to see what other glass ceilings she’ll break through, and what’s next on the horizon for this incredible woman.”

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