Competing for a Cause

By Amie O'Hearn

On July 20, 40 National Grid employees volunteered at Harvard Stadium for the day. The employees were split into two teams, assignments were doled out by captains and the marching orders came from Team Dean or Team Marcy.

The  mission was to battle against 72 other teams to win the Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup. Their purpose was to raise money for the children and families who rely on the world class care at Boston Children’s Hospital. The teams competed in events such as ladder ball, a plank challenge and tug of war.

While neither team took home the trophy, they took home the satisfaction of a job well done and raised more than $20,000 for Boston Children’s Hospital collectively. According to Boston Children’s , the event raised more than $500,000 for patients and they expect the total figure to rise.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

 Team Marcy:

Paula Abucewicz, Melissa Drury, Kara Fedors, Kevin Huang, Jake Kailey, Amy Stacey, Marcy Reed, Gia Liberati, Brianna Lozier, Ryan Patnode, Jenny Saenz, Mohammed Siddiqui, Haley Tiernan, Jose Veiga, Phyllis Wall, John Wamburu

Team Dean:

Bill Donoghue, Nirali Patel, Nathan Berndt, Elizabeth Terry, Timothy Sullivan, Matteo Urella, Sinan Ashkouri, Kelly Csizmesia, Brad Collins, Suzanne Najem, Sara Migdal, Julia Grasse, Paula Haschig, Christina Bostic, Jackie Cabrera, Christine Curran, Emily Albertson, Samuel Johnson, Amutha Muhunthan

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