Community event shines a light on strong teamwork

By Darlene Masse

There is nothing like a great community event to bring out the best in teamwork. The HR team found that out first hand after participating in an event that had teams assembling bikes and decorating bears all to benefit kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Albany.

Employees were grouped into teams and had the task of either:

  • Assembling kids’ bikes the fastest; or
  • Decorating bears and writing creative cards to accompany them.

The spirit of friendly competition and laughter filled the room. While employees were participating in those activities, they were also learning valuable lessons in leadership and teamwork.

While building the bikes and decorating the bears, teams were presented with various challenges along the way, where they had to think about how they approached their tasks in relation to National Grid’s purpose, vision and values. And the customer, the kids in this case, were always top of mind. The cards that accompanied each bear were highly creative and written based on what children like. Meanwhile, the bike assembly teams often thought about process excellence and safety in how they approached their task. While speed was important, safety was always the top priority.

The Boys & Girls Club of Albany was very appreciative of the donations. The bikes and bears will be awarded to kids who model positive behavior. James Bulmer, Director of Operations for the Boys & Girls Club of Albany, thanked National Grid for the generous donation.  “The donations will go a long way in helping us better serve our youth and incentivize positive behaviors, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle,” said James.

Employees also found the experience to be very rewarding. “Wow! What an amazing experience to be afforded the opportunity to grow as a team, all while touching the lives and giving back to those in need in our community,” said Selena Foerste, Senior Talent Specialist on the Talent and Diversity team. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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