CMS’s Steve Massaro goes ‘above and beyond’

By Lauren Perry

The evening of Saturday, January 6, was cold and bitter – at the tail end of one of the most severe cold snaps to hit the downstate region in a long time. Throughout the event, National Grid supported its customers, including 40 New York City schools and New York City Housing Authority facilities, which had experienced serious problems with their own energy systems and/or difficulties obtaining oil deliveries. Our employees, of course, also provided assistance to residential customers having issues with their own equipment.

On this night, Dispatch and Scheduling received an inside gas odor call in Long Beach – the home of Emil and Vivian Podhorzer, who are 102 and 95 years old respectively.  CMS Lead Service Person and 28-year National Grid employee, Steve Massaro was dispatched and found several leaks on the customer’s gas piping. Steve locked the meter and issued a warning tag. The Podhorzers were required to have the repairs made and a PTC (pressure test certificate) issued before we could restore gas service.  

Acting on the severity of the cold and potential related hazards to the Podhorzers, Steve made contact with their son for assistance. In addition to providing multiple space heaters to keep them safe and warm, Steve closely coordinated with their plumber to monitor the repairs and restore service as soon as possible.

A few days later, Kathy Wisnewski and Lauren Perry of Customer and Community Management, along with Steve and his supervisor Rick Verderame, made a comfort visit to the Podhorzers. In addition to various goodies, the Podhorzers received a United Way Project Warmth wool blanket.   They expressed a great amount of gratitude for Steve and all he did for them on that cold night. They said Steve went “above and beyond” and we honestly think he may now become their adopted son!  

Steve personifies our ‘Here With You, Here For You’ credo and we are very proud to work beside him.

Safe and warm (standing l to r): Lauren Perry, Kathy Wisnewski, Steve Massaro, Vivian Podhorzer, Rick Verderame and (sitting) Emil Podhorzer.


Rich Caliendo

Outstanding as always Steve – keep doing what you do for our customers and for National Grid!

Heather Romero

When Keith Rooney recently shared this story of Steve Massaro’s outstanding customer service for the Podhorzor’s, and the follow-up provided by the Customer & Community Management Team, everyone in the MetroTech auditorium applauded. Kudos to all involved. This demonstrates the embodiment of “Here With You, Here For You”!


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