Climate Week NYC panel hosted at MetroTech

Panelists for Climate Week NYC in MetroTechAs part of Climate Week NYC in September, we hosted a free panel on the latest in carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology. Sponsored by the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, the panel discussed the latest innovations that economically remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere, and also addressed the question of, “what to do with the CO2 once you have captured it?” Panelists included: Christophe Jospe, Chief Strategist, Center for Negative Carbon Emissions; Peter Eisenberger, CTO, Global Thermostat; Frank O’Keefe, CEO, Infinitree; Sissi Liu, Director Head of North American Business Development, Joule Unlimited; Donald Chahbazpour, Director, National Strategy, National Grid, and Sandy Taft, Director of Environmental Sustainability and Policy, National Grid. Over 100 people attended in person, and twenty-five tuned in digitally. The recording can be found here.

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