Clean energy success for Sunrun and NGV

By Eva Lindegren

Our partner Sunrun – a leading US home solar, battery storage and energy services company – has won a bid to provide 20 megawatts of capacity from their Brightbox home solar and battery systems to the grid operator ISO New England from 2022.

We have partnered with the San Francisco based company since 2016, with strong support first from National Grid and now National Grid Ventures (NGV). The collaboration included a $100m asset investment and employees from each company working to develop the potential of grid services using cleaner, renewable sources of energy.

This is the first time in US history that a home battery product has directly participated in any capacity market and won. Brightbox can power homes day and night, allowing New England’s electricity grid to shift towards power by more affordable, reliable and locally-generated energy.

Commenting on the news, Daniel Westerman, President, Distributed Energy and Renewables, said: “This exciting announcement points to the success of our ongoing collaboration with Sunrun. ISO New England is the first grid operator to enable participation for these clean resources, which customers continue to adopt. They have a thorough vetting process and we’re delighted our team helped make this bid successful. We’ve believed in the key purpose of distributed energy for a long time and we’re proud to partner with Sunrun, who are leading the way in the industry.”

Mathew Sachs, Vice President, Distributed Energy, added: “Sunrun’s ISO New England win truly validates the dual-value proposition distributed energy offers to both customers and the grid. I strongly believe this will play an increasing role in our energy future and am extremely proud of our combined team for paving the way.”

Sunrun is the leading provider of residential solar and battery storage in the US with more than 200,000 solar customers in 22 states. For more information visit

National Grid provides US employees with incentives for installation of solar panels – more info can be found here.

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