Chief Executive AGM update

By Eva Lindegren

John PettigrewI wanted to take the opportunity to provide a quick update on our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place on Monday 25 July.

As a public listed company, we are required by law to hold an AGM. This is for a number of reasons, including to share with our shareholders our financial results, invite them to vote on a number of business items and to allow them to ask any questions about the direction of the organisation.

314 shareholders attended this year and we had lots of exciting exhibitions from the UK and US business for them to see. These included: the Gas Distribution CNG vehicle; Gas Transmission – innovation; sustainability; interconnectors; deep water wind; grid modifications; solar partnership; green connections; community investment; future energy scenarios; and, an exhibition talking through the process of the Gas Distribution sale.

Shareholders asked the Board questions related to the future of National Grid following Brexit, solar energy and the Gas Distribution sale.

I would also like to share the film that was used at the AGM, which celebrates our employees and the critical role you each play in our success, both today and tomorrow.

Please do take a couple of minutes to watch it and share with your teams.


John Pettigrew
Chief Executive Officer

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