Chairman’s awards – working with customers to change energy use

By Patrick Fox

Our finalists nominated in the Customer Delivery category, show how we have brought gas to under-served neighbourhoods and worked proactively with large energy users.

The UK Power Responsive programme has been the driving force behind our Demand Side Response (DSR) operational tool, while the Neighbourhood Expansion programme involves a unique partnership with jurisdictional agencies to bring gas to new areas in the US.

Power Responsive (UK)

CA-Team-Photo-Power-Responsive-300x224Paul Lowbridge has worked on the team, which brings together expertise from SO and Corporate Affairs.

He said: “With a changing GB energy mix, particularly more intermittent renewable supply sources, the tools for system operation and flexibility need to evolve. Power Responsive is a programme of work aimed at facilitating large energy users who can adjust their load to take part in GB energy markets.

“Power Responsive has provided customers with a voice in the energy industry regarding their key concerns and barriers when looking to participate in demand side response.

“It has also benefitted the business by positioning National Grid as GB System Operator as the driving force of GB Demand Side Response and flexibility growth.

“It makes me proud to see the breadth and importance of work which is undertaken across our business areas. Our colleagues are so driven and committed to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.”

Bringing natural gas to unserved and underserved neighbourhoods (US)

Chairman-Award-finalists-neighborhood-expansionThe Neighbourhood Expansion programme makes it easier for families/communities to have access to natural gas, as Christine Kiviat explains.

“Through the Neighbourhood Expansion programme over 900 new gas service connections will be made as a direct result of these efforts.”

In addition, natural gas will be made available to over 2,000 additional homes so that gas facilities will be accessible when they are ready. All of this was achieved by having direct and open communications with the customers, helping them understand the benefits of natural gas, not just for them, but also for their entire neighbourhood – conveying that National Grid is working to benefit the community.

The Chairman’s Awards has really given us the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on all that has been accomplished with the Neighbourhood Expansion programme and for the team, it has been very rewarding to be recognised for its hard work.

“We are proud to work for a company that empowers employees to work on projects like this.  We are encouraged to think creatively and work collaboratively for the benefit of our customers and the company.

“One of the most fulfilling aspects of the program is getting in front of customers and speaking to them directly and seeing first-hand the positive customer reaction to this programme.”

You can see a list of all finalists for the ceremony, which is on 28 June in Boston, on Our National Grid.

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