Chairman’s Awards winners announced!

By Eva Lindegren

Last night in Boston, the Chairman’s Awards ceremony celebrated the fantastic achievements of employees who have gone above and beyond for their colleagues, our customers and the communities we serve.

Chairman's Awards trophyIt was a fantastic evening, with Sir Peter Gershon and John Pettigrew announcing the winner and award of merit for each of the seven categories; showcasing the talents and dedication of the finalists, who travelled from the UK and other parts of the northeast US to be at the event.

Visit the Chairman’s Awards Infonet page* to watch short films from each team, explaining their project and what it meant to them to reach the finals.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this year’s Chairman’s Awards – by submitting nominations, judging at the various stages of the process or supporting and encouraging the teams with their entries.

Huge congratulations and well done to our Chairman’s Awards 2016 winners, who are…


Winner: SHE communications strategy and process (US)

Caitlin Manion, Lois Bentivegna, Samantha Murray, Kathie Cornelius, Chad Martin and Allison Young

Award of Merit: Safety in Motion (UK)

John Wood, Jonathan Oliver, Mark Edwards, Philip Lloyd, Peter Gavin and David Marino


Winner: Novel urban substation development that delivers both environmental and community benefits (UK)

Stuart Cameron, Gordon Wilson, Owen Keith, Daniel Angel, Ruth Hooton, Ross Williams, Paul Jarman, Tim Martin, Mark Gomersall and Paul DeJong

Award of Merit: Upcycling aluminium conductor – one team approach (UK)

Helene Wright, Chris Cleveland, Simon Smith and Steve Thompson

Customer delivery

Winner: Power Responsive (UK)

Paul Lowbridge, Rebecca Yang, Kathryn Dalgleish, Adrian Sellars, Vicci Walsh and Rhiannon Grey

Award of Merit: Bringing natural gas to unserved and underserved neighbourhoods

James Madsen, Christine Kiviat, Lynn Moore, Liming Zhou, Stephen Doty, Priya Dasani, Gerald Klinger, Monica Guido, Mike Dematteo, Stela Mihneva, Alex Kushnir, Timothy Restivo, Kerrie Doyle, Kevin Grandjean, Philip Amsterdam and John Isberg


Winner: The Digital Grid (US)

William Jones, John-Paul Knauss, Jeffrey Smith, Steven Koscs, Jorge Valenzuela and Keith Miller

Award of Merit: Pipeline transition wall unit (UK)

Paul Ogden, Tamsin Kashap, Peter King, Gareth Hocking and Pete Martin

Community contribution

Winner: Careers in Energy (US)

Joseph Carroll, Ann Malley, Kevin Shaughnessy, Dave Mei and Jonathan Salsman

Award of Merit: London Power Tunnels and City Year (UK)

Gareth Burden, Rodney Williams, Graham Dolamore, Bilquis Mahmood and Ann James

Health and wellbeing

Winner: Finding a better way to manage sickness absence (UK)

Pete Darby, Nicky Berry, Bill Hewitt, Neil Beardsley, Andrew Hutchinson, Kate Clark, Sinead Furber, Geoff Radley, Mark Syers, Nicola Cousans and Andrea Hunter

Award of Merit: One voice can make a difference – pushing the mental wellbeing agenda (UK)

Sam Coton

Inclusion and diversity

Winner: Reverse mentoring in Capital Delivery (UK)

Stephen Johnson, Huma Ali, Aimee Kennedy, Melanie Jackson and Sarah Upton

Award of Merit: Promoting inclusion and diversity in the utility industry – the formation of the Greater Boston Chapter of AABE (US)

Amanda Downey, Tamela Bailey, Daniel Galaburda, Terron Hill, Renee McClure, Camal Robinson, Tatiana Roc, Jared Sampson, Antoinette Stores and Raquel Webster

* You will need to be connected to the National Grid network to access this link.

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Heather Romero

Congratulations to ALL the Chairman’s Award winners and especially to my colleagues Lois Bentivegna, Samantha Murray, Kathie Cornelius and Caitlin Manion for the Safety category! Kudos to Chad and Allison on the team as well. Well deserved!


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