Chairman’s Awards – clear safety messages

By Eva Lindegren

A new strategy to communicate safety and videos to help employees in the field are the two projects to reach the final in the Safety category of this year’s Chairman’s Awards.

In the US, the focus has been on rationalising the number of safety alerts that were sent out to staff. Meanwhile, in the UK employees featured in three ‘safety in motion’ videos to demonstrate the positive behaviours we need and the consequences of unsafe action.

SHE communications strategy and process (US)

Caitlin Manion was involved in the 30 week blueprint project that used performance excellence tools and methodologies to create a strategy and process around safety, health and environmental (SHE) communications.

CA_Safety_SHECommsUS_1She said: Our main goal was to create both a strategy and a process that would be used well into the future.

“We created a routine schedule with segmented communications – no more than one communication sent per day and each communication is sent based on relevance by department or region. A weekly wrap-up is sent every Friday to all employees and includes all SHE communications that have been sent out during the week.”

Caitlin added: “The team worked incredibly hard for 30 weeks and has continued to sustain all that we’ve put in place. It’s great to be able to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, regardless of the outcome. I’m really looking forward to the Chairman’s Awards ceremony; learning about the other projects that are nominated, meeting people from all over the company and the food!”

Safety in motion (UK)

Over the past few years, a small team of employees from West Midlands emergency response and repair (ERR) in Gas Distribution have developed a suite of informative and sometimes hard-hitting safety videos.

CA_Safety_SafetyinMotionUK_All of the ‘Safety in Motion’ videos were produced at sites within the local network and with local employees featuring in the videos.

John Wood said: “To progress to the final stage of the awards is an amazing achievement and a real honour, especially given the quality of the other entries.

“We are passionate about our commitment to safety and proud to share what we have developed in ‘Safety in Motion’. It’s also a great opportunity for us to showcase the messages in the videos to a wider audience.

“Regardless of whether we win or not, we feel very privileged and will attend the evening with a great sense of pride and accomplishment, both in what we have produced and getting so far in the awards process.”

John said the videos are being shared in other parts of the business and were a low-cost way of getting safety messages across to colleagues: “The safety of its employees is National Grid’s number one priority and by encouraging innovation in developing and communicating safety messages it’s making it possible for National Grid to remain world class in this area.

“Allowing people to demonstrate National Grid values helps everyone to understand how they can take ownership for their own and others’ safety performance.

“Communication of the key safety messages, such as ‘What is the worst thing that can happen?’, can be difficult to get across to an audience, as is subsequently embedding it as a cultural change. We have tried various mediums in the past and firmly believe these videos are a great way forward.”

You can see a list of all finalists for the ceremony, which takes place on 28 June in Boston, on Our National Grid.

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