Century old farmhouse with a modern feel

Every year we reach out to our customers to let them know how the company expects prices to affect their energy bills during the winter season.  On Wednesday, October 7, we announced our upstate New York bill forecast for the upcoming season, a release that included tips to customers to help keep warm during the next few months and to take the right steps to save energy and money on their utility bill.

Century old farmhouse in Clifton Park, NYThe news was shared at an energy efficient house in Clifton Park, New York, which is 10 miles north of Albany.  Hosts Joanne and Paul Coons have taken a century-old farm house and made it into a “net zero” efficient home that sells energy back to the electric grid. To do this, they first took simple steps that anyone can take to help keep energy use and costs down.

“We started with the smaller steps,” Joanne said, “adding insulation, sealing windows and doors. Right away that helped us start to control our energy costs.” After tightening up their home’s “energy envelope” to make it as efficient as possible, the couple tackled bigger projects, over the years buying Energy Star appliances and installing solar panels and a geothermal heating and cooling system.

“We know that what we were able to do might not fit everyone’s lifestyle,” said Paul, “but there are still lots of ways anyone can cut their energy use. It certainly pays off year round, and especially during the winter.”

You can watch how they did it on local ABC affiliate WTEN and read about how the Coons were chosen for this event.


Patrick Stella

This year’s forecast of natural gas prices in upstate NY are the lowest in more than a decade. Natural gas continues to be a great, clean-burning fuel alternative while even greener sources like wind and solar become more affordable and reliable. This was a great home to have our Winter Heating Season Forecast event this year in Albany, NY.

Heather Romero

Looks like a great place to host this event and what a great story to tell re: fuel-efficient, clean natural gas. I’m envious of the Coons and their energy-efficient farmhouse though my natural gas bill in my own small, Brooklyn two-bedroom apartment is quite manageable! Thanks Nate for this great local piece with company-wide appeal!


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