Celebrating Veterans Day

By Dean Seavers

We officially celebrate Veterans Day on November 11, yet appreciation for our veterans here at National Grid has been celebrated all month.

Our Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) has coordinated volunteer events and tributes to veterans and POWs across all our service territories. Banners proclaiming “Thanks to Veterans” bedeck barns across New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, and are visible to both our employees and the community. Flag displays greet visitors and colleagues entering our offices.

I’m proud to say we work on behalf of veterans all year long. We’ve made a commitment through the Joining Forces Initative to hire 10% more veterans overall by 2020. To ensure we meet this commitment, we have a hiring goal of 150 veterans annually across our entire US footprint.

Next week, I’ve invited our colleagues who are veterans to join me for breakfast– one day in Reservoir Woods and another day in MetroTech. For me, that will be the real celebration. Then I can personally thank the men and women who have served in the US Armed Services, and who work alongside each of us now.

Best to all on this important holiday.


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David England

Well done, Dean, that’s a fine gesture. I served for 16 years in the British military (7 years Army followed by 9 years Royal Marines) and served with US forces on several occasions. Proud to have stood side-by-side with them. My brother (29 years service) and my nephew (2 years service) are still in the British Army.


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