Can you envision a high-performing workplace to help us bring energy to life?

By Shelby Doherty

With your help, we’ve started the Reservoir Woods workplace refresh, which is currently in the research phase. With your ideas, we are going to renovate our building to create a work environment that supports your best individual and team efforts – and perhaps a balance in between.

To date, we have surveyed all Reservoir Woods employees and held three interactive information sessions for employees who wanted to learn more.

At last week’s information sessions, we shared some early survey results and asked participants for more information about the places, stories and ideas that inspire them. The results showed very diverse thinking about your vision for the space in which you want to work.

The photos below are a synthesis of the “Energy Boards” (think: vision boards) we created during the three sessions.

Places that Inspire – When you think about other offices or spaces that you have seen, what features have inspired you that you feel would be a good fit for National Grid?

Ideas for how we might work better together – Imagine yourself and your team in a high performance workplace. How are you working differently than you do today? What does your space allow you to accomplish that you cannot accomplish today?

Stories to Celebrate – How are we bringing our purpose to life within the walls of Res Woods?

We want to hear from you more. Next, we will meet with and interview representatives from each business unit, followed by several focus groups to learn more. With your help, we’re creating an exciting, collaborative workplace that will help us deliver for our people, our customers, and our communities.

Want to learn more? Check out these frequently asked questions.

If you have any ideas, stories, or places that inspire the way you do your best work, please send them to, or add it right to the Energy Boards in the Reservoir Woods Cafeteria hallway.

Look out for future updates about the Reservoir Woods workplace refresh!

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Kevin Hyzak

Love the subsidized day care idea — maybe also allow a pet-safe space, too? Allow an owner or two to bring in pets each week? Just spit-balling, here …


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