Breaking new ground for Veterans

By Wendy Ladd

We are a proud partner of New Ground Inc. which is an agency committed to educating and empowering families and veterans who are caught in the vicious cycle of homelessness. The agency recently purchased a residential two family house in Huntington where they will be housing homeless veterans and their families.

We will be supporting this project by extending the main and service to this two family home so they can have safe and reliable cooking and heating. National Grid will extend the gas main at no charge and through our Energy Affordability program. We will provide a rebate for the gas conversion, free insulation and weatherization improvements, and help customers manage their energy bills by providing a monthly bill credit and automatic enrollment into our budget plan.

“I’m proud that National Grid believes in important projects like this, supporting our veterans who have supported us,” said Kathy Wisnewski, Manager of Customer and Community Management, National Grid and serves on the Advisory Board New Ground Inc. “We have worked with New Ground to assist these deserving families and make their lives a little bit easier.”

The two families are single parents with young children and they will be moving in on June 1. They will be receiving employment counseling, financial literacy, life skills development including parenting and household maintenance, educational tutoring, reading assistance, education advocacy, tuition assistance, and more. The goal is for this home to be a stepping stone to home ownership for these families.

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