Black History Month celebrations continue!

By Ellen Cooke

The Alliance of Black Professionals (ABP) continued its robust lineup of weekly Black History Month celebrations last Thursday with events from Hicksville, LI to Res Woods in Waltham, MA. Cultural African dancers and gospel singers transformed a Res Woods conference room into an awe-inspiring experience of music, harmony, energy and excitement. And in Hicksville, our Senior Counsel Allen Hecht presented a powerful picture of an event in 1957 that helped shape the Civil Rights Movement. Take a look …

Kindness personified
Allen Hecht shares a Civil Rights moment and the lesson we can all learn every day – be kind to each other

With his characteristic blend of energy, passion, humor and humanity, our Senior Counsel Allen Hecht presented a powerful portrayal of the first attempt to integrate the Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas in September of 1957.

Hicksville-2In “The Kindness Hall: Elizabeth Eckford & Tikkun Olum (Heal the World),” he relayed the story of 15-year-old Elizabeth Eckford, “who just wanted to go to school so she could become a lawyer. Instead, Elizabeth found herself alone and pursued by an angry white mob,” said Allen. The moment was captured in the iconic photograph taken by Will Counts (see photo).

Allen linked this historic moment to his timeless message of the power and importance of kindness (see video). “We are all human beings who must work at being kind. If we do, we can heal the world!”

Please contact Allen at or 516-545-3769 if you’d like him to share this presentation with your group, or to find out more about how you can join him on a “kindness crusade.”

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