Big savings and benefits for Long Island manufacturers

By Wendy Ladd

(l-r) Lyle Sclair, Chris Lima, Kathy Wiskenski, Laura McNeill, Ron Angst, Tom LePage

“When the energy efficiency team partners with the economic development and other great agencies like this one, it is satisfying to able to offer customers assistance in so many ways with a host of programs and offerings, said Laura McNeill, Sr. Representative of our Channel Sales area.

With a big manufacturing boom on Long Island, we’re taking every opportunity to get the word out about our economic development programs.

Recently, we partnered with PSEG Long Island and Stony Brook University’s Manufacturing and Technology Resources Consortium to educate manufacturers on programs and resources that can help them save money. Specifically, we talked about different grants, rebates, energy efficiencies, and new customer solutions. The forum was at an economic development expo at the Composite Prototyping Center in Plainview, Long Island.

(l-r) John Keating, PSEG-LI; Ron Angst, National Grid; Lyle Sclair, National Grid; Michael Voltz, PSEG-LI; Laura McNeill, National Grid; Dr. Imin Kao Stony Brook, and Lenny Poveromo, CPC

Lyle Sclair
, Representative of our Economic Development area, talked about how National Grid’s broad array of economic development program have helped create jobs and revitalize communities across Long Island.

“We recognize the significance of helping Long Island grow its economy and our programs have a big role to play,” he said. “Our National Gas Manufacturing Productivity Program will help companies across Long Island take advantage of the services of places like Composite Center.” 

To learn more about National Grid’s Economic Development programs visit

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