Bellmore Gas Field Ops reaches milestone worth celebrating

By Samantha Murray

Bellmore Gas Operations crew

Bellmore Gas Field Operations crew

The Long Island Gas Field Operations team from Bellmore, reaches a milestone worth celebrating – one year incident free!  This group has a combined 761 years of service and together they’ve learned that zero incidents is possible when watching out for one another on the job.

It has been 427 days since their last lost time injury, 412 days since their last OSHA recordable incident and 827 days (over two years!) without a road traffic collision. Ken Daly, President NY Jurisdiction, Bob De Marinis, VP Gas Operations and Frank Prost, Director Gas Field Ops were present along with our Safety& Health leaders to personally thank the Bellmore crews for this great achievement.

Recognition for Days …

Frank Prost with raffle winner

Frank Prost with raffle winner

Breakfast was served, a safety award was received, a bag of goodies was presented to each member of the team, one lucky raffle winner won the much coveted National Grid work jacket, and a special recognition from a customer was read for a job well done!

Here is an excerpt from the letter….

I wish to submit a letter of praise for three outstanding individuals, John Astel, Karl Lackner and Pete Paoli, who responded to an emergency service call at our home…the professionalism and temperament of all three men really impressed me as they all calmly and articulately went out their way to offer me a thorough explanation of their plan of action… was really an incredible response from start to finish. It is a testament to your systems, training and hiring decisions. Everything worked when it needed to. These guys were high caliber and dedicated professionals and it’s refreshing and comforting to know that our utility company is there when we needed it most.

This is just one customer of the many that the Bellmore crews interact with on a daily basis.  Kudos to your focus on helping the customers while keeping safety in the forefront of everything you do!

Ken Daly talk with gas crews

Ken Daly congratulates crews on their achievement

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