Are we Leading with Safety?

Power to ServeRhode Island rocked our Power To Serve Leading with Safety program this spring and summer at …

  • Orlo Avenue School (East Providence) – Community & Customer Management’s (C&CM) Jacques Afonso and Tim Rondeau and Corporate Affairs’ Darlene Masse judged a STEM* Science Fair for students grades 1-6. The 200 or so participating students were scored on their visual displays and oral presentations. Subjects ran the gamut from the acidic composition of soft drinks to the growth cycle of worms, and everything in between!
  • Pell Elementary School (Newport) – On STEM night,the CC&M team displayed our electricity generating bicycle. Kids had fun riding the bike while learning how much power it takes to light up incandescent, CFL and LED bulbs … all by pedaling! We also provided 200 students with our educational coloring books and safety materials.
  • Chariho Regional School District (Richmond) –Students exhibited their STEM-based projects in a fair/expo-themed event we sponsored.  About 1,000 people overall visited our display, which featured our electricity generating bicycle and safety materials.

*Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


Shown (l-r) at Orlo Avenue School (East Providence) are Jacques Afonso, Tim Rondeau and Darlene Masse 

Orlo Avenue School (East Providence)

Orlo Avenue School (East Providence)


PELL spells out the benefits of STEM for local students


C&CM’s Paul Stasiuk shows students what pedal power is all about at Chariho schools, Richmond, RI

See 7/27 Leading with Safety article on UNY events

And watch for Leading with Safety happenings in Downstate NY next week!


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