April Safety Profiles – New York Electric Operations

By Terah Fox

Each month, we will profile New York Electric Operations employees who keep safety at the forefront of everything they do. Let’s meet this month’s profiles.

Zaffran Davis – Buffalo – Kensington in western New York

Zaffran DavisZaffran Davis is a C mechanic and 38-year employee in Buffalo, NY. He was always careful, but still had a harrowing incident in the late 80s. A steel plate fell from a backhoe, striking him on his left foot. He wore steel-toed boots and thought he had escaped injury, until the pain set in.

“It turns out I’d broken my big toe and fractured the others. The doctor said that if it wasn’t for the protection from the boots, I probably would’ve lost all my toes and needed a walking aid,” he said. Thankfully, he healed better than expected and has no issues with his foot today.

That incident inspired Davis to become a serious safety advocate – at work and at home. He now chairs the Safety Committee and is a safety liaison in western New York. He’s also known for his friendly safety reminders, from wearing safety glasses while weed whacking, to hearing protection at concerts with his wife, Cheryl. “I tell everyone, ‘don’t take any chances,’” he said.

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Drew Bucktooth – Cazenovia Service Center in central New York

Work glovesDrew Bucktooth is an eight-year employee and hot stick lineman in Cazenovia, NY. He has three sons with his wife, Niki: Blake is 4, Gavin is 2 and Dylan is 5 months. “Since I have kids, their hobbies are my hobbies,” Bucktooth said. They love the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, camping, golf and lacrosse. Safety is always first, even when having fun at the playground.

When Bucktooth is at work, the boys serve as a meaningful way for him to keep safety in mind every day. “I have a photo at home of me and Blake, when he was about one-and-a-half. I’m holding him up in the air, he has a big smile on his face, the sun is setting… It was just perfect. I put their names on my gloves as a reminder to be safe because I want to be there for all of those moments. I can’t imagine missing something like that because I got hurt,” he said.

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