Another successful Back-In Challenge and event

By Samantha Murray

Winner-Photo_Syracuse_C-MurphyThe Customer Team, with the support of Safety, hosted Back-In Parking Awareness Day on August 18. There was a great turn out at a number of our facilities including: Hicksville, Providence – Melrose St., Reservoir Woods and Syracuse.  We had over 30 volunteers across all our regions supporting and promoting this important safety initiative, including providing assistance to employees when backing in to a parking space.  A big thank you goes to all the volunteers for supporting this event!

In addition, giveaway items were provided and a raffle was promoted at each location.  Employees who participated had a chance to win a Fitbit by simply sharing a photo of their vehicle properly parked, backed in.  With over a 100 photo submissions, we have our four lucky winners!

  • Andrew Zwerin – Hicksville
  • Dave Moreira – Providence
  • Kathie Cornelius – Reservoir Woods
  • Cindy Murphy – Syracuse

Winner-Photo_Providence_D-MoreiraA big congratulation’s goes out to all our employees that participated and continue to back-in or pull through when parking each day for your safety and the safety of others.

Here are a few of the reasons why it is so important to back-in or pull through when parking:

  • Pull through parking is preferred, but if you must back, it’s safer to back upon arrival so that when you leave you can pull forward instead of backing out into unknown vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Remember: Back first so you don’t back last!
  • Conditions may change by the time you’re ready to leave. When backing out of a space, visibility may be blocked by other vehicles causing you to back blindly until almost three quarters of the vehicle is in the lane of traffic.
  • Driving forward when leaving a parking space is just safer. You can see where you’re headed and better adjust.
Winner-Photo_Res-Woods_K-Cornelius Winner-Photo_Hicksville_A-Zwerin
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