“An amazing ambassador for your company.”

Joyce Cushman

Joyce Cushman

Kudos to Joyce Cushman, a Meter Worker A out of North Adams, MA. Joyce went above and beyond to help out a customer who sent this note to her supervisor, Patty Cox, senior CMS supervisor in Western Massachusetts.

Dear Patty,

I am writing you today to let you know what an amazing employee you have in Joyce Cushman.  The Town of Williamstown is in the process of closing the Spruces Mobile Home Park.  We need to retire utilities at approximately 150 trailers.  These meter pulls are often time sensitive as we coordinate the utility shutoffs.  When we first started we would have to wait for weeks to coordinate a shut off.  And then we found Joyce with the help of Joanne Derose.  Our whole world changed for the better.  Joyce has consistently completed our requests within 24 to 48 hours and at times within hours.  But her level of service is only part of the story.  Her attitude and energy are exceptional.  When you call she is ALWAYS pleasant.  Nothing you throw at her is ever a problem.  Last Friday I asked Joyce to do a meter pull at the wrong address.  When the tenant called to advise me that his power was off I quickly realized my mistake.  Joyce to the rescue!  She had other commitments but to her credit she worked to reinstall the meter late on a Friday afternoon and the day was saved.  This morning the excavator operator nicked the line and knocked the power at the same address.  I called Joyce.  She coordinated with the line truck and within two hours the line was restored and the power back on.  This was all done with the same friendly attitude and customer service focus. This woman has far exceeded my expectations every time I work with her.  I am writing so you know what an amazing ambassador she is for your company.  My experience with National Grid has been so positive and I will promote National Grid to others because of my experience with Joyce Cushman.

Happy Holidays to all of you!  Thanks for making me look like a star because of all your hard work!


Debbie Turnbull
Town of Williamstown

Joyce Cushman

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Cheryl Flis

I have known and worked with Joyce for many years and she has always had a great attitude. She was always there with help when anyone needed it. Congratulations Joyce you deserve it.


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