Always doing the right thing!

“That isn’t the way we do business.”

With that simple sentence, Anthony Castellano politely told a customer he couldn’t accept a gratuity for his work. More importantly, he showed that he recognizes the significance of National Grid’s ‘Always Doing the Right Thing’ ethics program and principles.

Anthony is a crew leader in Gas Construction, downstate New York. On a recent onsite service visit, “a customer tried to hand me a cash gratuity. I refused, of course, and told them that isn’t the way we do business.”

Anthony Castellano and John Dooney

Anthony Castellano and John Dooney

Anthony then immediately contacted his supervisor, John Dooney, Manager Gas Construction, DNY. “I just wanted to get something on record if any issues come up down the line,” says Anthony.

John couldn’t be more pleased with Anthony’s actions:

“Anthony showed his leadership in demonstrating professionalism, integrity, customer care and setting expectations with the customer. His follow up and communication to me was also addressed properly.”

And he thanked Anthony for “demonstrating National Grid’s core value by ‘Always Doing the Right Thing’ and reinforcing National Grid’s image as a World’s Most Ethical Company.”

Way to go Anthony!

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