A woman in power

By Ellen Cooke

Christina Yee started her career with legacy company Brooklyn Union Gas in 1993.  After supporting customers in various roles within the Call Center organization, she was asked to take a role as a Gas System Operator within Gas Control beginning in1999 – right in the midst of the critical winter season.

She immediately took charge of her role, displaying the acumen and expertise required in positions of increased responsibility, which led to her promotion to Lead Gas System Operator in 2004.

Christina was the first woman in the Lead System Operator position for the company and was responsible for running the Gas Transmission and Distribution networks for the largest gas system in the company!

Following the Brooklyn Union Gas merger with LILCO (Gas East), Christina’s skills made her a clear choice to make the difficult move to support operations in the newly acquired territory of Long Island. She navigated the intricacies of the new system seamlessly for several years before returning back to her previous post controlling the legacy Brooklyn Union Gas System until her retirement in 2018. 

Thank you, Christina, for being a truly powerful addition to our company for so many years!

Special thanks, too, to Gas Operations’ Richard Delaney, HR Business Partner Josephine Leone and Community & Customer Management’s Keith Rooney for sharing Christina’s story with us.

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