A safety record 10 years in the making

Safety Milestones graphicUnderground Lines in western New York celebrates an impressive milestone with no Lost Time Injuries (LTIs).

That’s right: the Underground Cable, Underground Construction & Maintenance and Heavy Haulers/Riggers crews in New York’s Western Division have gone ten years with no injuries requiring time away from work. Sr. supervisor, Michael Niemiec, shares how they made it happen.

“I credit the crew chiefs and the crews, 100 percent. They are dedicated to working safely. It isn’t just something we talk about; it’s a way of life for them. It’s part of our culture and the whole group takes it seriously,” he said.

Underground Lines employee meeting

Sr. supervisor Michael Niemiec (L) and manager Corey Monk (R) sharing remarks with employees at the celebration luncheon

He also highlights support from our senior leadership, saying they provide the necessary foundation for making safety a priority, allowing time for daily job briefings and safety updates.

Manager Corey Monk, past group managers and supervisors, and current supervisors Joseph Ciura, Kevin Cielencki, Allan Maishak and Niemiec recently hosted a luncheon to celebrate the milestone. They also thanked employees individually, handing out commemorative travel mugs.

Commemorative travel mugs recognizing 10 years with no LTIs

Commemorative travel mugs recognizing 10 years with no LTIs

Employee Eric Thompson advanced to Cable Splicer C the same day, receiving an extra bit of fanfare from his colleagues as he accepted his mug.

Keith McAfee, vice president of New York Electric Operations, noted the significance of the group’s achievement. “Safety isn’t just something we measure. We want our men and women to make it home to their families every day, in the same condition they came in. What they’ve accomplished is tremendous and this group deserves to be recognized,” he said.

Jim Letcher, director of Overhead Lines, echoed McAfee’s sentiment. “That’s quite an accomplishment when you take into account the size of the group, the extended hours they work and all the hazards they face on a daily basis. Congratulations to the entire team,” he said.

Way to go, team!

Underground Lines employees in western New York

Underground Lines employees in western New York

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Congratulations UG!! You guys are awesome! What a credit for Tasha!! The only woman in the group! Keep holding it down girl!!! Women in Power!! Great Job UG!!

Colleene Reed

Incredible accomplishment. Especially since your department is the hardest working group in the company!


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