A major overhaul is no minor task

By Constance Clouston

It’s time again! Every eight years the EF Barrett Power Station Unit #2 turbine generator is scheduled for a major overhaul. That is what is happening right now. The project, which began September 16th, will take six months to complete. The objective is to maintain the high level of reliability, availability, and capacity typically experienced by the EF Barrett Unit #2 Power Station; address any deficiencies that may have occurred since the last overhaul; and make the power station more efficient overall.

turbineEF Barrett Power Station Unit 2 turbine generator

Since the work requires taking the turbine out of service, the project is timed to occur during a non-peak period when less generation is needed, thereby minimizing impact to customers.


Work being done on a similar turbine generator

According to Joe Warren, director Maintenance Service Dept., Hicksville, NY, some of the safety concerns that are addressed in the planning process include reviewing detailed plans for the use of riggers and cranes. Given the nature of the activities the crews will be undertaking, safety briefs related to pinch points, heavy lifting and machine operation are required.


Work being done on a similar turbine generator

Although our customers may not be aware of it, it’s important to recognize all the planning and hard work that is done behind the scenes by our employees to assure our customers have safe and reliable service.

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mitch mcdaniel

Kudos to all the guys that keep the lights on .I know It’s tough dangerous work so it’s always good to see the boy’s from MSD getting it done right. MSD has always had some of the most talented and dedicated workers in the utility business, Unfortunatly due to the transient nature of their work They recieve little praise for their quality of work and they don’t usually recieve any thanks for their efforts because by the time the units come back on these guys have already packed up and shipped off to the next challenge. So I would just like to say Thank you ” BROTHERS”


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