A creative solution for greater gas reliability

By Alex Kushnir

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) injection site in Glenwood Landing beefs up reliability on Long Island

As we begin investing $3 billion in downstate New York gas infrastructure through 2019, we continue to face reliability challenges stemming from high levels of growth and demand. On Long Island, particularly Nassau County, recent forecasts revealed that extreme cold weather combined with high demand could result in gas pressure drops on the nearby transmission system and the possible loss of service to some of our gas customers.

While the future Northwest Nassau Transmission project represents a long-term solution – we needed a creative, short-term response for this heating season. In just two months, the National Grid project team led by Glenn Goldstein, Lead Project Manager for Downstate New York Project Management & Complex Construction, identified and executed a plan to complete the work by the New Year deadline for our location in Glenwood Landing. This site, a former propane tank farm north of what used to be the Glenwood Landing Power Station, would serve as a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) injection site to provide additional gas supply if the system needed it. The 12 on-site CNG trailers would inject up to 2.85Mcf of natural gas through a system connection with just 24-hours notice.


For Lead Supervisor Operations of Gas Construction, Erik Klein, transforming this site into a state-of-the-art CNG injection site safely and on such a tight deadline came with significant challenges: “We had to procure the material in time, deal with the high water table, and unstable ground. We couldn’t have done it without the union workforce working around the clock and in inclement weather too. We’re really proud of our achievement.”

Ultimately, coordinating all the moving parts and timely collaboration allowed the team to deliver this key accomplishment on behalf of our customers, on time and under-budget.

“This project represents the best of what National Grid is capable of accomplishing when teams put their heads together to solve complex technical problems and achieve ambitious goals,” adds Glenn.




Outstanding results in achieving project commitments within a tight timeline. Much appreciation to the National Grid In-House Gas Construction team that overcame significant challenges in order to deliver a quality mechanical product.


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