A Coventry customer thanks a National Grid crew

By Darlene Masse

Power outages can occasionally happen, so on July 6 Ron Lamb and his wife Kathy knew what to do and called National Grid to let us know they had lost electricity to their home. They were one of approximately a dozen customers in a Coventry neighborhood to lose power as a result of an underground cable fault.

Since the outage happened around 9:30pm, Ron and Kathy went to sleep earlier than usual that evening and didn’t give the outage much thought. Around 3:30am, Ron woke up, and realizing that he didn’t have power, decided to check the National Grid outage app on his iPad. He saw that a crew was assigned and that there was an estimated restoration time of later that morning.

Yet before heading back to sleep, he first checked out the window to see if his neighbors were still out of power. He was surprised by what he saw.  “I looked out the front window to find a large crew of workers, trucks, a backhoe and assortment of other equipment,” Ron said.  “The thing that amazed me was this crew was going about doing their jobs making very little noise. I would never have known they were there if I hadn’t looked out the window.”

In a recent visit with Ron and Kathy, they both commented on how impressed they were that the National Grid team was repairing an underground cable within close proximity of their home and was able to do so with such little noise. “I never would have known they were out there. They were that quiet,” said Ron.

The crew, which included National Grid employees Tom Drumm, Bob Jack and Don Wolanski, as well as digging contractors, was working approximately 20 feet from Ron and Kathy’s home. The work involved determining where the fault was, isolating it and making repairs. In a thank you letter to National Grid, Ron wrote: “They dug the hole, fixed the cable, repaired the sidewalk, and at 6:30am, we had a knock at the front door. One of the guys [Don Wolanski] came to tell us the repair was made and brought me my newspaper. When someone does a great job, the company they work for needs to know.”

Ron was very complimentary of the crew’s work. “You have to have an appreciation for the work they are doing. They are out there dealing with electric lines and doing it at night,” he said. As a business owner himself, Ron knows how far a simple thank you can go in showing appreciation to employees. “This crew went above and beyond. Thank you!”

A National Grid crew repairs an underground cable fault. A nearby homeowner wrote in to thank us for our crew’s work.

A National Grid crew repairs an underground cable fault. A nearby homeowner wrote in to thank us for our crew’s work.

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