A celebration of appreciation

By Eva Lindegren

Celebrations took place at our Reservoir Woods site recently, when Steve Holliday presented the 100,000th nominated appreciate award to Pat Quigley.

Pat, a lead project manager, was nominated for the award by his manager, Andrew Schneller, who said: “Pat was responsible for installing communication networks and security equipment at the sites across the US footprint within tight timelines. He showed flexibility and ingenuity in successfully managing this dynamic project, while continuing to manage his normal New England workload.”

Pat said: “It felt great to have my energy and effort recognized by Andrew. It was a total surprise to get the award, and by the Chief Executive too! In the past I’ve used appreciate to thank colleagues for their support and I’ll definitely continue to do more of that from now on”.
The appreciate tool was introduced a few years ago, following feedback from our Employee Opinion Survey. Appreciate provides a company-wide approach to the way we can recognize and reward the exceptional performance and behavior of our colleagues. As well as appreciate awards and career milestones, it also allows us to give and receive ecards to recognize assistance from our colleagues and say thank you.

Steve Holliday commented: “Over the last few years we’ve all been using appreciate to recognize a whole host of great work. This has included: going above and beyond what was expected to get the job done; taking on additional responsibilities for major projects that are critical to our success; and simply thanking people for doing a great job and being helpful.”

Beth Powell, Senior Group Reward Manager, said: “Many of you have given feedback to say that you like being able to show recognition to your peers with the appreciate tool, and have provided us with valuable insight to how we can improve your experience and engagement with the program. Thank you to everyone who has completed our recent survey.

“We’re acting on your feedback and making a number of improvements; for example, streamlining the nomination form and modifying the ethanks card selection. We will also be working with IS and the provider of the tool to make some bigger and longer term improvements.”

Do you use the appreciate tool? Take a look at the updated appreciate Infonet page today and log into appreciate to nominate someone who deserves it.

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