A bunch of real live wires

Transmission Line Services New England (TLS), one of the two newest teams to join the FERC Jurisdiction (along with Power Plant Operations), really gets around. In fact, you could almost say they are nomads.

“We go where the work is,” according to Nick Gibson, manager, TLS and Transmission Construction New England. “And the work is usually in the back of beyond at a really remote location.”

Which is why the team uses some pretty slick vehicles and equipment to get the job done. See below for some photos and descriptions.

TLS currently is working on a total of 10 construction and maintenance projects across the service area, including one in western Mass. where structures are being replaced while the line remains energized. This highly specialized work is conducted under extremely strict safety conditions and is used in situations where the lines cannot be taken out of service because doing so would affect the reliability of the transmission grid.

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