High praise for Rodney Penney

Our inclusion and diversity (I&D) finalists have been finding ways to allow employees from different backgrounds to find a career in energy and help them succeed.

Reverse mentoring in Capital Delivery (UK)

Reverse mentoring is a programme designed to enable leaders to better understand what it is like for employees from diverse backgrounds to work for National Grid. It shows them how they as leaders can help create a culture where individuals from any background can succeed.

CA_IandD_UKIn Capital Delivery this was done via a structured mentoring programme between ‘diverse’ employee volunteers and senior leaders. Over a three-month period, confidential and candid one-to-one sessions were held, discussing the realities and perceptions of working for our company.

HR business partner Sarah Upton, who helped introduced the scheme, said: “We hope to encourage more people to take part in the programme, both as mentors and mentees, as it broadens out further across the business.

“I’m looking forward to hearing about the range of projects and initiatives that employees have been involved with and that have made a real difference to our organisation, and taking the time to celebrate that.”

Promoting I&D in the utility industry – forming the Greater Boston Chapter of AABE (US)

CA_IandD_US2The Greater Boston Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) is a non-profit organisation, established to help build the pipeline of blacks and other underrepresented minorities entering the energy industry.

The chapter’s main initiatives include school-year and summer academies, scholarship/mentoring and internship programs, energy speaker series and an annual energy roundtable.

Amanda Downey, who helped establish the chapter together with Terron Hill and other colleagues, said: “My hope is that this recognition will encourage others to join the effort that a small handful of employees began just a short time ago and help us change the face of the industry.

CA_IandD_US“The Chairman’s Awards ceremony is an excellent opportunity to engage colleagues from the UK and the US, who I otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to engage with, to learn more about and be inspired by the work that other finalists are doing.

“Terron and I want to recognize the other members of the Greater Boston Chapter of AABE, who worked alongside us to implement the organisation’s key initiatives. We are a new and inspiring organisation, with dynamic leadership and members who continue to strive to shape the industry for generations to come.”

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