I&D personal stories

By Ellen Cooke

diversity puzzleIt takes courage to stand up to adversity … and maybe even more courage to share your personal experiences when it comes to Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) challenges.

Maybe you were bullied in school. Maybe you were excluded – in subtle or very obvious ways – because of a different ethnic, religious or racial background.

Maybe you’re a woman leader struggling against stereotypes, or a white heterosexual male just opening up to respect and celebrate the fact that others, even family members, may have different sexual orientations.

Personal I&D stories are powerful. And when we learn and grow from them – and share them with others – we can overcome all kinds of obstacles:

  • We can bring our whole, best selves to work and develop to our full potential
  • We can work together better – welcoming each person’s unique contributions
  • We can more effectively lead productive, diverse teams
  • And, we can treat each other fairly, living our National Grid value: “Respect each other and value their diversity”

Do you have a story to share with your coworkers? Please email us at USInclusion&Diversity@nationalgrid.com and let your voice be heard.

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