5 things you need to know about National Grid and solar

solar panelsAs many of you know, Massachusetts is at a pivotal point with solar development in the Commonwealth. There is an ongoing debate about current policies, which sustain unreasonably high subsidies for solar developers and owners. These subsidies are shouldered by Massachusetts municipalities, businesses and residents. We continue to advocate for a new set of policies that lessens the impact on our customers and continues solar growth. Here are the five things you need to know:

  • National Grid strongly supports solar and the state’s solar goals, but at the right cost.
  • It is not the utilities who lose out, it’s our customers footing the bill for these subsidies.
  • Residential projects are not subject to the net metering cap, customers can still add solar to their roofs.
  • Net metering isn’t the only incentive available to developers, National Grid continues to receive a large volume of applications for projects of varying sizes.
  • National Grid was ranked 5th in the nation for the most solar interconnections by the Solar Electric Power Association.

The Boston Globe published an op-ed on our position this week. Read it here.

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