2016 Chairman’s Awards finalists announced

By Eva Lindegren

Chairmans-Award-trophy-600pxNominations for the 2016 Chairman’s Awards have now been narrowed down to just 14 finalists.

They can now look forward to attending the awards ceremony in Boston in June, where our overall winners will be announced.

Huge congratulations to all of the finalists on making it this far!

Community contribution

Careers in energy (US) – Joseph Carroll, Ann Malley, Kevin Shaughnessy, Dave Mei and Jonathan Salsman

London Power Tunnels and City Year (UK) – Gareth Burden, Rodney Williams, Graham Dolamore, Bilquis Mahmood and Ann James

Customer delivery

Power Responsive (UK) – Paul Lowbridge, Rebecca Yang, Kathryn Dalgleish and Vicci Walsh

Bringing natural gas to unserved and underserved neighbourhoods (US) – Priya Dasani, Gerald Klinger, Christine Kiviat, Monica Guido, Liming Zhou, James Madsen, Mike Dematteo, Stela Mihneva, Lynn Moore, Alex Kushnir, John Isberg, Timothy Restivo, Kerrie Doyle, Stephen Doty, Kevin Grandjean and Philip Amsterdam


Novel urban substation development that delivers both environmental and community benefits (UK) – Ruth Hooton, Paul Jarman, Daniel Angel, Stuart Cameron and Dr. Gordon Wilson

Upcycling aluminium conductor: one team approach (UK) – Steven Thompson, Chris Cleveland, Simon Smith and Helene Wright

Health and wellbeing

Finding a better way to manage sickness absence (UK) – Andy Hutchinson, Neil Beardsley, Bill Hewitt and Kate Clark

One voice can make a difference: pushing the mental wellbeing agenda (UK) – Sam Coton

Inclusion and Diversity

Reverse mentoring in Capital Delivery (UK) – Sarah UptonStephen Johnson, Huma Ali and Aimee Kennedy

Promoting inclusion and diversity in the utility industry: the formation of the Greater Boston chapter of AABE (US) – Daniel Galaburda, Amanda Downey and Terron Hill


The Digital Grid (US) – William Jones, John-Paul Knauss, Keith Miller, Jeffrey Smit, Steven Kosc and Jorge Valenzuela

Pipeline transition wall unit (UK) – Paul Ogden, Tamsin Kashap and Peter King


SHE communications strategy and process (US) – Susan Thomas, Caitlin Manion, Lois Bentivegna, Samantha Murray, Kathie Cornelius, Chad Martin and Allison Young.

Safety in motion (UK) – Jonathon Oliver, John Wood, Phillip Lloyd, Dean Evitts and Peter Allman

If you’re a finalist and think you may be impacted by the UK Gas Distribution / support functions realignment, this will not affect your opportunity to attend the ceremony and be recognised.

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for this year’s Chairman’s Awards and good luck to all of our finalists.

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