$200K Grant Aids Restoration Effort

By David Bertola

Restoring the historic Shea’s Seneca building would not have been possible without assistance from National Grid, which was honored by Buffalo-based Schneider Development Services on Oct. 14.

Shea’s Seneca is a former Buffalo theater that opened around 1929. With the renovation complete, the building now is home to commercial and retail space. Schneider hosted the Oct. 14 event to celebrate the grand opening of Public Espresso + Coffee, the final commercial space to come online in the 48,000 square foot building.

A plaque outside the building thanks National Grid for our support.

National Grid was recognized for providing a $200,000 economic development grant, made possible through our Main Street Revitalization program. The new marquee is a replica of the original that graced the main entrance of Michael Shea’s former movie house for decades. The replica was built by Buffalo’s Flexlume Sign Co., the same company that built the original in the 1920s.

“Due to construction cost overruns, it would have been very difficult for us to restore the marquee without the help of National Grid,” said Jake Schneider, president of Schneider Development Services.

By securing funding for the marquee restoration, Schneider was able to focus remaining funds on restoring the building’s five ground floor commercial spaces.

“We often partner with customers and introduce our grant programs, which can play a role in making a vision for an adaptive use project such as this a reality,” said National Grid regional director Ken Kuajwa. “The meticulous work that Schneider Development has undertaken to research, design and re-build the space to honor the building is truly remarkable. We’re grateful for the recognition and to have been part of this project.”

Regional director Ken Kujawa and lead economic development representative Mary Grace Welch outside Shea’s renovated theater marquee.


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