See how National Grid mutual assistance is helping to restore electric service to the residents of Puerto Rico.

Ken Daly, National Grid New York President (left) supports crews in Puerto Rico


When the need is there, National Grid stands ready to lend a hand.

Since November of last year, National Grid’s upstate electrical crews and contractors have been contributing to the massive mutual assistance effort to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical infrastructure and restore service to the island’s residents.  We are one of many NY utilities that are bringing the promise of power back to Puerto Rico.

Deploying a rotating series of teams, the company is providing mutual assistance support in Puerto Rico as part of a comprehensive response being organized by EEI, the American Public Power Association and the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. The effort among the investor-owned utilities in New York is being coordinated by the New York Power Authority, at the request of Gov. Cuomo.

As the second wave of National Grid’s mutual assistance to Puerto Rico ended its four-week deployment at the beginning of January — and a third wave took its place — National Grid Incident Commander Tom Gozelski shared a few photos, and some feelings, about the experience.

Our fourth wave of mutual assistance continues with restoration efforts in Puerto Rico, some recent figures help convey the scope of National Grid’s commitment.


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It’s worth joining Twitter just to follow Juan Santiago, who made us all feel like we were there with his captivating tweets and photos from National Grid’s second wave of restoration in Puerto Rico. Follow Juan here.

FIVE READER COMMENTS FROM Bringing the Promise of Power Back to Puerto Rico

Amanda Rodriguez  January 22nd, 2018
Words cannot express how thankful we are for your endless efforts in helping my country and family in this desperate time of need. My heart is filled knowing I work in a company who knows what it means to be “Here with you. Here for you.”

Jackie Vando January 23rd, 2018
THANK YOU for all you are doing to get their lights back on and bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives. Giving up the holidays and special occasions is not an easy thing to do and takes a special group of people to do just that. Words cannot express the appreciation I feel in my heart for our company and especially for our amazing people! God bless you all.

January 23rd, 2018
I am so fortunate to work with so many awesome men and women at National Grid. To those who volunteer to leave their loved ones to help others, THANK YOU. To those who stay behind and keep things running smoothly in their absence, THANK YOU!

Thomas Muccio January 29th, 2018
I think it’s amazing that these employees were willing to give up so much time away from home to help in the restoration effort in Puerto Rico. National Grid’s long term commitment to this restoration effort show’s a real concern on the Company’s behalf.

Josh February 1st, 2018
Thank You for all that you have done! I love how Bill and Jeremiah took some time to even fix that boy’s bike, talk about going above and beyond! You guys make me so proud to work for National Grid!!!

TWO READER COMMENTS FROM Update on Puerto Rico: Second Wave Checks In

Felix Nieves February 6th, 2018
Thank you National grid for do a great job in helping these people. My wife is Puerto Rican and the day of the storm she lost contact with her mom and 10 brothers and sisters. See her worry for a week with out news of her family made me sad for her. Finally little by little she hear news of them all, every one is safe, but some houses are completely gone and running water and power where still out. But thank you for what your doing.

Lisa Willey February 8th, 2018
How very rewarding this experience must be! I would love to participate in the effort. I lived in Puerto Rico for a short time in my college years and I saw what devastation there still was 3 years after a smaller hurricane hit. I can not imagine what those people are going through with this much larger hurricane. Way to go team for being such a good example of what “Here with you, Here for you” means in practice. I am very proud of this work!


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