Telling Our Story: Introducing the National Grid Investing in Upstate Digital Map


Most stories have a time and place, a beginning and an end. But what if your story goes back decades — looks forward even farther — and takes place every day across 25,000 square miles?

That’s the challenge we face when we talk about National Grid’s upstate New York business. Our story includes 4,000 National Grid employees working across the region — building a smarter energy infrastructure, enhancing storm resiliency, promoting economic growth, preparing for the next generation of clean energy, and further improving safety, reliability and customer service. Add to that our $3 billion in infrastructure investment from 2013 through March 2018. Factor in more than $93 million invested in upstate New York since 2003 through robust economic development programs that have helped to create or retain more than 50,000 jobs — and leverage more than $9 billion in other private and public investment around the region. Consider our programs that have helped customers save more than 1.4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and 31 million natural gas therms over the last seven years, and the more than 120,000 households we assist each year with solutions to meeting challenging energy bills. Then there are our veteran recruitment and educational initiatives helping to ensure a strong workforce for the future. And the thousands of hours that National Grid employees spend volunteering across upstate. Talk about a tale with a lot of ground to cover.

All of this is why we are proud to introduce our new Investing in Upstate digital map. A quick, accessible and refreshable record, #InvestinginUpstate will help us tell the ongoing story of National Grid and upstate New York, capturing our company’s commitment, our partnerships and the many ways we support the places we live, work and call home.

Welcome to the big picture on what we think is a pretty big story. We hope you will come back often.

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