Tick Awareness & Prevention

A video series will be released on tick awareness and prevention.
These video are highlighting prevention tips and techniques.

Part 1 – Tick Safety in the Workplace

Part 2 – Tick Bite: Know what to do next

Part 3 – Adult Deer Tick Safety

Part 4 – Modeling TickSmart Behavior


  • Tick Bite Prevention and Management Guidance Document, click here

Monthly TickSmart Bulletins:

  • January – Can’t believe TICKS might still be active in winter? Well, Believe!, read more
  • February – February is a GREAT time to review the TickSmart “To Do” list, read more
  • March – The first ticks of spring are fall leftovers, read more
  • April – Early spring means adult stage ticks, read more
  • May – Identifying ticks – what to look for, read more
  • June – When was the last time you checked for a tick?, read more
  • July – You’ve just found a tick, what should you do?, read more
  • August – Ticks so small … they crawl right through your socks!, read more
  • September – Where have all the ticks gone?, read more
  • October – October and November are the months of peak adult blacklegged (deer) tick activity, read more
  • November – THERE ARE JUST MORE TICKS IN MORE PLACES, even in November!, read more
  • December – Can’t believe TICKS might still be active in winter?, read more


For more TickSmart information, visit www.tickencounter.org.