Investing in Upstate New York

To see where and how National Grid is investing in upstate, zoom in and click on the pin images below. Our map offers a quick, easy way to stay informed on our community partnerships, energy infrastructure and efficiency advances, job growth initiatives and more, all across westerncentral and eastern New York.

You can also view some key facts and figures including our upstate economic development investments by region.

Or check out our most recent updates from the headlines below:

National Grid Investment ‘Retools’ Doyle Hardware Building Jul 12, 2019

National Grid Investment Boosts Watertown Public Square Redevelopment Jun 26, 2019

National Grid Launches First-of-Its-Kind Battery Storage System Jun 03, 2019

Spinach, STEM and the Road Ahead May 21, 2019

National Grid Crew Frees Woman From Overturned Car Apr 15, 2019